One of my favorite people of all times is Mr. Sean Cleary, who is a successful international businessman, philanthropist and thought leader. He is also the chairman of the Operation HOPE Global Board of Advisors.

Sean Cleary, who served as Honorary Co-Chair for the HOPE Summit in 2012, also serves as Honorary Co-Chairman of the HOPE Global Financial Dignity Summit 2013, and has served as an advisor to the founder and chairman of the World Economic Forum, and played a key role in the development of the South African constitution.  Sean's most recent focus of leadership attention centers around his recently founded and launched Future World Foundation.

Finally, it was Sean Cleary who inspired me and us to open our first office in South Africa, and his unique insights on the economy and world affairs has influenced most every aspect of Operation HOPE as an organization itself. One area of influence has been our shift in focus over recent years from what I would call 'inputs,' or much of something we achieved, to 'outputs,' or what the impact was of something we achieved.

We are honored to receive Sean Cleary once again as a featured speaker at our HOPE Global Financial Dignity Summit 2013.


Learn more about Sean Cleary below.

Sean Cleary | HOPE Global Financial Dignity Summit.

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