On September 11, 2001, the world we knew it was over, and our lives were shaken incredibly. Thousands of lives were lost that day, and our nation endured a sorrow unlike any other in recent history.

However, what has historically been labeled a “day that will live in infamy” can now become something new — something brighter, hopeful, and pregnant with potential. September 11, while forever shrouded in the sadness of profound loss and grief, is also a day to remember our collective resilience and resolve as a nation.

More than two decades later, our nation remains a strong union, even in light of her strengths and imperfections. Yet, considering those imperfections, we find America’s grace and beauty. Our disagreements and challenges to opposing ideologies make our country so great. Somehow, for over two hundred years, we have found a way to be at peace with one another, even through great tumult and infighting, and we find a way to thrive.

This is the spirit of America. We are a nation of doers with an insatiable hunger for growth and an indomitable force of will. And we saw that on full display in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. We saw the power of a country unified by our shared values and ideals and, for a moment, forgot about what makes us different.

In that same spirit of togetherness and unity, let us remember the heroism, courage, and fearlessness of the brave men and women who rushed to the front lines to help their fellow man and the ideals of collective work, responsibility, and being a good neighbor that spurred millions of people and thousands of organizations like Operation HOPE, to find solutions to our most pressing problems.

As we commemorate the day, we also celebrate American hope and resilience and the birth of one of Operation HOPE’s most impactful programs in times of need, HOPE Coalition America (HCA).

Let us remain steadfast in our commitment to a united America built on liberty and justice for all and our continued resiliency in the fight for freedom in all its forms, at home and abroad.


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