Having personally witnessed the heartbreaking devastation caused by the Maui wildfires, my heart aches for each and every individual affected. As a frequent traveler to this beautiful island, I am committed to standing by your side during this difficult time.

As the CEO of Operation HOPE, my team and I are committed to providing immediate support to those impacted by this tragedy. We understand the immense challenges you are facing, and we are dedicated to helping you rebuild your lives and communities.

Operation HOPE shares a strong connection to Maui – it’s not just a place of business; it’s also our home away from home. Witnessing the destruction of the landscapes we cherish and the memories my wife and I have created is a pain that resonates deeply.

To that end, I am announcing a comprehensive relief effort aimed at assisting those impacted by the Maui wildfires. This effort includes access to HOPE Disaster coaches to aid in the recovery process. We understand that the financial burden can be overwhelming, and we want to do our part to help through education as trusted advisors every step of the way.

Whether you are a small business owner or a single-family household, please know that this commitment goes beyond mere words – it is a promise of HOPE. We will stand by your side throughout this journey to recovery. Together, as someone who has a strong love and appreciation for this island — its people and their culture —I am confident that we will overcome this adversity and emerge even stronger.

To that end, on behalf of my family, Operation HOPE and myself, I say mahalo to the people of Maui and Hawaii for your resilience, strength, and unwavering spirit. Operation HOPE is here for you, and together, we will restore hope and rebuild this beautiful island. Please click HERE to contact my team today.

Me ke aloha

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