“When I agreed to serve as National Vice Chair of No Labels I did so in order to help advance our shared values – specifically to advocate for bipartisan legislation supporting access to financial literacy for all Americans, which I believe is a civil rights issue for this generation and essential for the freedom and well-being of all citizens in this country.

Over the past four months, we have worked together on this issue and succeeded in making financial literacy legislation a part of No Labels’ policy priorities. I am grateful to the dedicated efforts of Dr. Benjamin Chavis, Tish Bazil and the leadership of No Labels in accomplishing this goal.

My work with No Labels is now complete, and I am resigning from my position in order to turn my full attention to representing and advocating for the underserved on the policy side in my capacity as Chairman and CEO of Operation HOPE.

With Operation HOPE, I fully intend to work tirelessly to advance bipartisan legislation to help solidify financial literacy access into law and will continue to work with members of Congress, including the Problem Solvers Caucus”.

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