Sam Altman’s visit to Atlanta immediately following his visit to the White House was poetic, intentional, and full of symbolism. AI technology will fundamentally change society and may happen much quicker than most realize. That’s why the tech billionaire founder of OpenAI and the creator of ChatGPT met with the Biden White House to discuss the technology and its need for regulation. Then, he hopped on a plane and came to Atlanta to visit the Clark Atlanta University campus to discuss the technology with local community leaders and to hear their thoughts and concerns regarding its development and potential use cases. 

Altman’s intentionality is reflective of the careful dance that he and his organization are choreographing to get the rollout and introduction of this technology as close to right as possible. In the same way that the car replaced the horse and buggy, many of the jobs global citizens hold could be replaced by AI innovation in as few as five years.

Sam and I joined CNBC’s “Squawk Box” to discuss his visit, which was the kick-off to a nationwide listening session tour, and his belief that there’s a need for government regulation and community understanding and support to ensure that ChatGPT and other AI technologies are used for the good of humanity and not to its detriment.

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