It’s no secret that upward economic mobility has historically been stripped away from African Americans in this country. From slavery to Jim Crow to red lining, stumbling blocks have intentionally been placed on our road to financial freedom. But if it’s one thing that we know for certain, we know that Black people have always bounced back from whatever challenge they’ve faced once they understood the rules of the game and the cards they had in their hand. Well, in terms of life in America, think of credit as the Big Joker in the deck.

Credit is a tool that’s color blind. It doesn’t care if you’re Black, white, polka dot, or blue. Its only concerned with your behavior as it relates to your finances and its numerical representation based on a few data points and an algorithm. Simply put, you are in control of credit score and when you work with it it will work for you.

Once you begin to understand what credit is, how it works, and how you can leverage it for yourself you begin to walk toward the crown jewel of financial dignity. This goes for all people, especially my African American brothers and sisters — if you want to experience true freedom and liberation get your credit together and master it. It will begin to unlock the American dream for you and your family and you’ll regain a sense of power, self confidence, and self determination. 

Check out my video below to learn how you can begin mastering your credit to create a better future for yourself and visit a virtual HOPE Inside coach today to get started. 

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