Americans are tired. We’re battle worn and weary. Decades of racial inequities and injustice, years of severe partisan divide, and months of a global pandemic have taken their toll on our psyche and spirit. 

But we’re not without hope.

The beauty of America is that we’re not a country, but an idea, one that espouses the highest of human ideals, even when we don’t always live up to them. As a nation, we believe in the power of unity and our ability to rise above the trivial differences that separate us. We are stronger together than we are a part. 

As we move forward into the next chapter of our nation’s history, we do so looking ahead to greater things. We must find a way to heal and recover from the collective diseases of poverty, racism, and inequity and put in its place opportunity, cultural intelligence, and financial dignity. These are areas which all Americans Democrat and Republican, Black and white, rich and poor, alike can agree. And that’s what we must keep in view at all times.

We demonstrated what unity around a shared vision looks like during the HOPE Global Forums and Annual Meeting 2020 just last month. With representatives from both sides of the political aisle, heads of corporations from multiple  industries, the religious community, sports, news, and entertainment all  offering their thoughts and perspectives on how we can solve for financial inequality around the country, we saw what a united America looks like. Ultimately, beyond the conversations of Black and white, or red and blue, we’re fundamentally talking about the color green, that is the color of money. And we want to see American’s everywhere have equal access and opportunity to acquire it, leverage it, and create a better future for their families.

Operation HOPE remains committed to working with the projected incoming Administration, as we have with the current and previous Administrations, on policies that elevate and promote financial literacy as the norm for American households and initiatives that help families achieve the American Dream. 

 It’s time to heal America, and move forward together as one nation, indivisible, with liberty, justice, and opportunity for all. The time is now. Let’s go. 

To watch the HOPE Global Forums in its entirety, click here. Then visit to learn about our latest initiative to help begin healing America as we help stand up 1 million new Black businesses and entrepreneurs through 1MBB.

To read more about how we can heal as a nation and ensure that everyone has a chance to win, purchase my new book Up From Nothing: The Untold Story of How We (All) Win” on Amazon. Be sure to order through and choose Operation HOPE as the non-profit you want to support to help empower communities across America. 

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