I was saddened to hear this morning of the passing of my dear friend and civil leader John W. Mack, formerly the iconic president of and for the Los Angeles Urban League, and thereafter the Los Angeles Police Commission. 

John W. Mack was without question, an icon to the community, a friend to many, the rock for his family, and early, strong supporter of an enthusiastic and idealistic young man of 26 years old — myself — in the founding of Operation HOPE, immediately following the civil unrest of 1992; the Rodney King Riots.

John Mack’s contribution and legend will live on for decades to come, and those he touched, for successive generations. He changed people.  He changed — me.

John W. Mack has been Promoted, as I like to tell my friends of those deemed ‘worthy.’  He has gone on to a Better Place. Tp the right of the Father.  Bless you John W. Mack. My heartfelt condolences to his family, whom I also know, and send my love and strongest well wishes to.

John Hope Bryant and the Operation HOPE Family.

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