John Hope Bryant

I am deeply saddened by the tragedy in Dallas, Texas last night, and specifically the disgusting and inexcusable violence waged against Dallas Police Officers who were sworn to protect and serve.  Officers who were doing just that — providing protection and safety for others, who were protesting peacefully there.

This violent act threatens not only responsible law enforcement officials there in Dallas, but it threatens freedom itself; freedom of expression, freedom of movement, freedom of belief, and our delicate balance that exists (and often flourishes) between diverse cultures and communities across this nation.

Finally and most importantly, my heart goes out the family and friends of the officers that were killed last night in a lone and isolated act of unspeakable violence.  My heart goes out to the officers who were shot and wounded, the family and friends of officers that were killed, and finally, to those that lost their lives in the service of others.

We are all together.  We are all one people.  Divisiveness of any form should not be tolerated.  A house divided, can not and will not stand. It is time, for a nation to come together. That healing process begins now. We need to all become bridge builders, not wall constructors.

John Hope Bryant

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