My word for 2016: To ‘Execute’

January, 2016

[caption id="attachment_14587" align="aligncenter" width="844"]How the Poor Can Save Capitalism Tour of 2014. How the Poor Can Save Capitalism Tour of 2014.[/caption]

Every year, at the start of the year, I select a word which most summarizes what I am feeling, focuses on, passionate about, and interested in 'doing' in that coming year.  Last year, for 2015, my word was to 'Curate.'  And curate is precisely what I focused on doing throughout my life and work in 2015.

For 2016, my word is to 'Execute,' and execution of everything -- with excellence and passion -- is precisely my laser like focus for this year.

Some of the prior year 'Words of the Year' for me can be found here.

My mission -- to execute a mission of sustainable, transformational change, at scale (in and for underserved communities).  To help to finish what President Abraham Lincoln began with the creation of his Freedman's Bank in 1865.

Enough said. Let's go...

John Hope Bryant


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