As part of our 2016 plans,  and using Operation HOPE’s Project 5117 growing national platform for change — we here at Operation HOPE plan to support prisoner re-entry, by:

  • Supporting those incarcerated while serving their time, providing them with free financial literacy education on site;
  • By encouraging the formerly incarcerated to become entrepreneurs and small business owners (when it is hard to get a job, then create one for yourself);
  • And to support the children of those incarcerated and previously incarcerated to ‘set a new course’ in their lives, and for their family ‘eco system,’ in local communities and local public schools, with HOPE Business In A Box Academies and HOPE B- Business Compact school sites.

This is all tied to and rooted in the growing national network of Project 5117 locations.  For more information, check out Operation HOPE’s Project 5117 national initiative for change here.

Let’s go…

John Hope Bryant, Founder, Operation HOPE



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