By Ongelique Sherman, HOPE Business In A Box Intern, HOPE Financial Dignity Center Atlanta

op-hopeI stretched my arm out to deliver a firm handshake, and gave a chipper “Good Morning,” to the manager of the Petro Gas Station on a beautiful Thursday morning. That is where my journey began.

“My name is Ongelique Sherman and I am here on behalf of Operation HOPE.  I was wondering if you received our flyer in the mail?”

My task was simple: bring communities back into schools with Operation HOPE’s newest initiative, HOPE Business In A Box (HBIAB).  My colleagues and I have been preparing for the moment to present such a powerful medium for a couple of weeks already. With it, we have become advocates for the “Silver Rights” movement. We had Coretta Scott King’s Young Women’s Leadership Academy as a starting point. We compiled a list of businesses surrounding it where we would present our presentations in order to peak interest and stress the need for such a program to local business owners.

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Interns Pound Pavement for HOPE Business in a Box | Operation HOPE Blog.

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