Hello….my name is Mara Lamont (nicknamed Montie) Hoskin, and I am the proud sister of Mr John Hope Bryant.

Mont and John John

My background in Health and Fitness started 31 years ago, and in 1999, I had a vision to eventually, one day start a company that reached others as I was being contracted to write for BET's Heart and Soul Magazine, Family Circle and others.

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I have traveled to well over 35 countries, educating, leading classes, conducting seminars and teaching other group fitness instructors and personal trainers how to teach, certify them, and how to Train!

At the age of 56, I am finding more and more adults in my age group are more active than generations before us.  And, there are many in my age bracket that have many health issues caused by lack of motivation.  There are so many advertisements being thrown at the public that says, "If you take this pill, you will lose weight" or "If you purchase this video, you will lose body fat and inches in 6 weeks."  The sad truth is NO pill can make you healthy!

Please allow me the opportunity to introduce you to www.OperationShapeUp.com 

It is an on-line health and fitness business that was developed with love in mind to get one off their feet and moving. 

We have to be proactive and maintain active lifestyles to be fit.

As the years go by, our numbers (age) add up, and so does the pounds…Let Operation Shape-Up, help you keep your body and mind sound. "Pound – per – LOSING Pound."

If you have a moment, visit my website and let me know what you think. I would LOVE to hear from you.

The next time you are scheduling your business meeting or health fair, Please keep me in mind so I can come and do body fat testing, design a workout for each individual there, and even have fun to get everyone moving by burning some calories. 

Operation Shape-Up is the name to help YOU……SHAPE UP

Thank you and let's get fit.

Mara Lamont Hoskin, CEO and Founder, Operation Shape-Up

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