NEW YORK—April 11, 2013 — 
Financial dignity leader Operation HOPE (HOPE) today announced a $400,000 contribution from leading financial services firm JPMorgan Chase through the JPMorgan Chase Foundation. The grant will fund HOPE Coalition America, the nonprofit's emergency disaster and preparedness division, and will support Project Restore HOPE: Hurricane Sandy to help families, individuals, and small businesses recover from the devastating effects of the storm. JPMorgan Chase has also committed volunteers to help Sandy survivors access the resources they need to rebuild their lives.

"JPMorgan Chase is an outstanding supporter with an incredible team that truly understands that partnership, collaboration, funding and volunteer people power construct the true model for successful long-term financial recovery for Sandy survivors and HOPE is honored to collaborate with them," said Mary Hagerty Ehrsam, Chief Executive Officer, HOPE New York Market. "Project Restore HOPE, with JPMorgan Chase's support, will empower thousands of families and small businesses in NY and NJ to get back on track financially and stay strong as they recover through economic triage, financial guidance, and long-term planning. HOPE is committed to coordinating every possible resource available to support a full recovery. Working in partnership with government, community, and the private sector, we will help restore hope and rebuild lives."

Survivors will receive guidance and assistance in completing FEMA and insurance claims, deferring payments and negotiating loans, developing recovery budgets, recovering lost documents, and accessing available financial resources. HOPE will also provide continued support for these individuals after their applications have been submitted and provide long-term financial planning assistance as they begin rebuilding their finances. JPMorgan Chase employees will also volunteer their time and expertise to help deliver these services.


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