I was pleased to join Operation HOPE NYC CEO Mary Hagerty-Ehrsam for the JP Morgan Chase Housing Summit 2013 tonight in Manhattan, New York.  HOPE is a proud partner with JP Morgan Chase, and I am pleased to call Jamie Dimon, chairman and CEO of the bank, a friend.
Tonight, as Jamie Dimon outlined his vision for the future of housing in America, and the role that JP Morgan Chase and its partners might play, I reflected on Operation HOPE's own contribution to the sustenance and advancement of housing in America.  Mary Hagerty has as a partner in this regard, Lance Triggs, division president for the HOPE Financial Dignity Centers, featuring HOPE 700 Credit Score Communities.  Below is a quick snapshot of the results of our combined efforts in the housing and homeownership space organization-wide.

·       Received over 166,253 calls for Mortgage HOPE Crisis Hotline
·       Created over 42,436 profiles for mortgage foreclosure prevention assistance
·       Has served 1,074,697 clients to date.
·       Has educated 80,480 adults in financial literacy*
·       Successfully modified over $560 million in subprime mortgages.
·       Generated $946,086,648 in home modification, home mortgage and local community business loan approvals to 3,439 clients.
·       Graduated 2,789 clients from the Small Business Entrepreneurial Program, all of whom will return to local communities, shoring up critically important neighborhood jobs.

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