YD2H9595-2Earlier this week I had the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Sue Sehgal, president and CEO of the Jimmy & Rosalyn Carter Partnership Foundation while in Atlanta, Georgia.  Dr. Sehgal and the former first family are doing some good and important work in communities, and on college campuses around the country.  Check out their work here.  

They also have made available to all something called the CASE Awards, which are the Carter Academic Service Entrepreneur grants. 

The Carter Academic Service Entrepreneur grants (CASE) are offered in the US, UK and India in a competition among students whose project proposals represent the most innovative and promising ways to serve the community. The student winners in the United States receive $1,000 (amount is adjusted to accommodate the local environment of a country) to implement their proposal, and a certificate of merit bearing the signatures of President Jimmy Carter and Mrs. Rosalynn Carter. Their project is published online at the Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Partnership Foundation website (www.jrcpf.org) as well as at servicebook.org, an Internet community for academic service learning sponsored by JRCPF. CASE grants provide prestigious recognition for students, faculty and their community partners for academic service.

  • The proposals judged to be the best is awarded a grant for the purposes of the proposed activity to the student through his/her institution.
  • All students whose proposals meet the criteria are presented with certificates from JRCPF.
  • Student's project summary reports are published on: jrcpf.org and servicebook.org

Online application for the grant is available at servicebook.orgWinners are chosen by a local selection panel including individuals knowledgeable about academic service learning, including faculty members and others and/or by JRCPF selection panel where it may apply.

Check it out.  Spread the word. Serve.

Onward with HOPE

John Hope Bryant



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