For many years now we have demonstrated the power of public-private partnerships and how leveraging teamwork gets us further faster. When we put aside our differences and focus on the common goal of creating the common good, we can substantially improve the lives of others. It’s something we need more of. 

At Operation HOPE, our award-winning program delivery model, HOPE Inside, shows that when presented with an opportunity to impact others in a way that makes sense (doing well and doing good), people, corporations, and like-minded organizations are eager to get involved and help. We have heard countless testimonies from our HOPE Inside banking partners, employers who have enrolled their businesses in HOPE Inside the Workplace, and schools where we deliver our youth programs, Banking On Our Future and HOPE Business In A Box, about the impact that the services have on their clients, employees, and students and the effect it has on them, the decision makers, to have had a hand in making the program available to those in their sphere of influence.

As many of you may know by now, we have embarked upon our most audacious organizational endeavor yet, the 1 Million New Black Businesses and Entrepreneurs Initiative (1MBB). We have a vision of fundamentally shifting the narrative of Black economics and job creation by standing up one million Black-owned businesses by the year 2030. Partners, like e-commerce giant, Shopify, and a number of businesses, organizations, and local governments have already made a commitment to helping us see this measure through, but we need more like-minded, community impact-oriented individuals to get on board to help make this work. 

 We need people like you. 

There’s an old adage that says, “many hands make light work.” Simply put, any monumental task that’s been set before a group of people is daunting when viewed as a mountain to be moved by “others”. When a project is driven by one party or one individual, it seems impossible. But when people gather around a shared vision and there’s collective buy in, the work not only becomes easier, it becomes enjoyable.

As we kick off the year-end giving season, I’m asking you to put your hands on the issues that HOPE is striving to tackle: lack of financial literacy, lack of mentorship and resources, and lack of opportunity, just to name a few. As you begin to look ahead towards the new year, ask yourself how you can become more involved with HOPE and the work that we’re doing. We’re standing in a historic, once in a generation moment, and you won’t want to say that you missed out on an opportunity to make a change through your giving and through your partnership.

While there are a number of well-deserving organizations in your community, please consider giving to HOPE at any level you choose by clicking here and/or by signing up to become a Commitment Maker with 1MBB and lending your time and talent to our new and aspiring entrepreneurs. 

If you want to make your donation go even further today, please consider a monetary donation HERE. Facebook is matching donations up to $7 million!

Let’s make this next decade one to remember.

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