I am honored and glad to talk about our new initiative, pioneered by Operation HOPE. We are aiming to help create one million new black businesses over the next ten years. #1MBB

If you missed my livestream on Wednesday October 21st, watch the replay and comment now:

I couldn’t be more excited or happy about something that is so near and dear to my heart. Financial literacy and financial dignity is what we do at Operation HOPE. But at Operation HOPE, we do more than just talk, we act. So here is a plan to move forward and help Black communities and individuals move up and attain a better life for themselves and their families. #1MBB

We are partnering with Shopify on this. Our partnership on this program is proof that this is a program that matters to us all. It’s something that affects us all and together we can make a difference, we can make things better.

This program will take what you have from an idea all the way up the ladder. Here is how and most importantly, at scale:

·  Small business training

·  Entrepreneurship training

·  Business plan preparation

·  700 credit score training

·  Graduation into the Shopify world – sell on Shopify!

To learn more, watch these clips from “Squawk Box” :

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