I am excited to announce and unveil the new look and feel for my global website and my built brands. Introducing www.johnhopebryant.com.

The new website is designed to be elegant and easy to navigate all entities and organizations associated with my engaged social and business entrepreneurship.  It brings together all of the varied worlds associated with my desire to BUILD things. My desire to help people and empower communities.

To transform our world.

To deliver The Memo, promote financial inclusion, and to eradicate poverty (of the mind and spirit) as we know it.

To prove that you can run and honorable business at scale, that does well and does good too.

And finally, to build and inspire an entirely new generation of ‘capitalist with a purpose.’

My ultimate goal — to show The Invisible Class a business image of themselves. Inclusive entrepreneurship at scale.

Tell others about this movement.  Have them follow this Blog, and to engage and follow us also at the Facebook Live Page and Instagram.

Let’s go.

John Hope Bryant

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