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“Ignorance sends otherwise well-meaning individuals off in strange, often unproductive directions.” John Hope Bryant, entrepreneur and thought leader

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Calling on young people — to save America.

Calling on young people — to save America.

When I founded Operation HOPE at age 26, no one took me seriously.  Most of our leaders in Los Angeles, actually laughed at me behind my back, and some of them in my face — when they heard my vision for Operation HOPE. Today, no one is laughing about Operation... read more

“If poverty was ‘rational’…poor people woundn’t be poor.  Understanding modern poverty, beyond sustenance issues (pure existence), is absolutely key to solving it.”

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“Respectfully, introducing someone to capitalism and the free enterprise system, by giving them a government program, is like showing someone how to drive a Ferrari, by giving them a Pinto (feel free to Google search ‘Pinto’). Right message. Wrong method.”

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“I asked my mentor Quincy Jones ‘how did you get so smart?’ His answer — ‘John, I’m just nosy as hell.He wanted to know everything, about everything.”

John Hope Bryant

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Fearing to Live Quote of the Day

“The absolute worst manifestation of our fears happen when those same fears — of living well, fears of a life fulfilled, and fears of taking reasonable risk to achieve our goals and excel — show up in the heart and soul of your children. In this way,... read more

Recent Publications

How The Poor Can Save Capitalism

6a00d834515f7b69e201a511a2c2df970c-206x300An inspiring and critically acclaimed new book builds a compelling economic argument for investing in America’s least wealthy consumers.

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Love Leadership

love-leadership-206x300In a world where leaders are leading by fear, a dynamic young leader shows how leading with love and respect creates success in business and life.

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Recent Bryant Group Motorsports Blog Posts

My First Car Show….and That Look

Last week I participated in my first car show, and I loved it. The car I designed and entered, a 2010 Mansory Lotus Evora GTE, was a hit with the attendees and car enthusiasts — young and old alike. I love standing off to the side, and seeing how car gave joy,... read more

Happy Father’s Day — To Me (Smile)

I can think of few better Father’s Day gifts, than how I will be spending my early Sunday morning on Father’s Day. My newly developed and completed Mansory Lotus Evora BSE, was selected to be featured in the Caffeine & Exotics Car Show on... read more

My Day with Ferrari of Atlanta

Today SirJames Buchanon and I spent the afternoon as the guest of Ferrari of Atlanta, where I was invited to test drove a couple of their cars.  While there, and equally as enjoyable, we talked shop about Ferrari history, and learned an absolute ton about these... read more

Patience Required — at 120 MPH

You come to a race course as famous and storied as Road Atlanta, and it is natural to think that the best way to ‘go fast,’ is to actually just go fast.  The only problem is, that is the wrong answer.  Thanks to the amazing on track driver training... read more

My Custom Motorsport Simulation Racing Rig

Designed and built in collaboration with Sevan Torossian (my IT Chief at Operation HOPE), in his spare time, this first ever Bryant Group iRacing Simulation Rig is truly a one of a kind.  And it’s top of the mark. While it continues to evolve and to be actively... read more

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