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“It’s hard to hit a moving target. Keep on MOVING. Keep doing GOOD.” John Hope Bryant
“Not one ounce of my self worth and self esteem depends on your acceptance of me..” Words from mentor to John Hope Bryant, Quincy Jones.
“Life is 10% what life does to you, and 90% how you respond to it. What is your response going to be?” From my bestselling book LOVE LEADERSHIP: The New Way to Lead in a Fear-Based World
Really important Black Economic (Silver Rights) History -- with Sears.......
My team, and my wonderful wife, keeping me healthy and full of Wellness in the middle of my business fight/day. What are you sipping on...?
Honored to be there. Let’s go.
Women in Africa — leading.
Whitney Young, Jr deserves all of our respect, appreciation and love. Thanks for the reminder @MARCMORIAL
Bryant Founded Companies
Be An Eagle. Change the World.

Be An Eagle. Change the World.

Posted by John Hope Bryant on Monday, January 15, 2018

John Hope Bryant is an American entrepreneur and philanthropist who has built more than 40 organizations, entities and companies, including Operation HOPE, the largest non-profit financial inclusion organization in the country, and The Promise Homes Company, the largest for profit, institutional quality, minority controlled owner of single family rental real estate in the country.

Bryant believes that people who come from underserved communities, such as the ones he grew up in, from Compton to South Central Los Angeles, California, have unlimited potential to contribute and to positively impact and change this world. He believes that most every successful big business was once a small one. And that the vast majority of these small business examples the founder was a single entrepreneur who came from little-to-nothing - just like John Hope Bryant did - and was simply relentless in their pursuit to do something, to become something, and to BUILD something. He believes that there is an undiscovered Steve Jobs in every underserved community in America, and in the world over - and he has made it his business to help find them, worldwide. John Hope Bryant believes that within the vast ‘Invisible Class’ is untapped GDP, entrepreneurial brilliance, and untapped prosperity for all waiting to be born.

John Hope Bryant is in the business of both re-inventing each and every one to their God given potential to be great and boundless, and also to building a sustainable and transformational group of companies and organizations that are both highly successful, from commercial to nonprofit. Furthermore, Bryant believes that every entrepreneur can ‘do well and do good, too.’ Better still, they can ‘do well by doing good.’

John Hope Bryant has built a network of more than 40 entities that span from nonprofit and community to scaled commercial business enterprises and entrepreneurial start-ups alike. Today, these enterprises include some of the largest in the United States, in their sector or industry, and in one case, operates in more than 70 countries worldwide.


"Nothing stabilizes society better or faster than a good job and a shot at aspirational success."

John Hope Bryant


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