My Word for 2018: Scale

January, 2018

Every year I pick a special Word that symbolizes and frames my work, activities, focus and time commitments -- for that next 12 years.

In years past, my 'Word' has been (to execute) Strength (2017), (to) Curate (2016), Intentionality (2015), and Authenticity before that.  For 2018, my Word is Scale.  Scale is simply about taking our authenticity, our intentionality, our curation of our life, environment and future, and our strength -- must now be SCALED UP to make a difference.  And Scaling up impact, in every area and aspect of my life is what I am about in 2018.  This means Scaling up:

  • The size, substance and impact of the work of Operation HOPE.

  • The size, substance and impact of Project 5117 within Operation HOPE, and specifically the HOPE Inside model.

  • The size, substance and impact of The Promise Homes Company, associated with Bryant Group Ventures.

  • The size, substance and impact of our Thought Leadership, led by our new book The Memo, and the The Delivering The Memo Book Tour 2018.

  • The depth, substance and impact of both my spiritual walk, and my spiritual growth.

  • The depth, substance and impact of LOVE -- in my own personal life.

  • Scaling peace, prosperity and positive energy, in all aspects of my life.

This is what I mean by Scale, and you will be seeing my focus on Scale play out in every aspect of my professional and personal life.

A special thank you to my EA Charmela Freeman, who recently gifted me with this 2018 Scale bracelet.

Okay, let's go...

John Hope Bryant



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