Sometimes you encounter magic in a bottle. Our partnership with SunTrust is one of those times. Last year SunTrust Banks became the first bank to make a major systemwide commitment to expanding the HOPE Inside model throughout its banking franchise, committing to 200 HOPE Inside locations systemwide at SunTrust (out of approximately 1500 SunTrust Bank branches altogether). That means that Operation HOPE and our HOPE Inside model will represent approximately 12% of the total SunTrust Banks branch network. We already have more than two dozen locations open and operational, helping their and our clients to increase their credit scores, their personal self confidence, and their hope at the same time.

HOPE Inside locations are raising credit scores an average of 120 points over a 24 month period of time. Thanks to the generous support of Operation HOPE partners, all programs and services in our HOPE Inside locations are 100% cost free to our clients. Our goal: to get U.S. Banks and reputable financial institutions ‘out of the no business, and back into the yes business’ with its clients.

We want to position our HOPE clients, so that the bank can say ‘yes’ to homeownership, small business ownership, entrepreneurship, and a host of other life needs.

Last month we announced the new ‘National Delivering The Memo Master Class Book Tour 2017.’ We also launched the National Tour at a citywide event in Atlanta with SunTrust Banks Chairman & CEO Bill Rogers, at SunTrust Headquarters, both formally introducing my new bestselling book The Memo: Five Rules For Your Economic Liberation, and likewise celebrated and brought added attention to SunTrust Bank’s OnUp Movement.

The SunTrust partnership and support is not new to Operation HOPE. Back in 2009, in the midst of the global economic crisis, when most companies were pulling back from commitments to community building, SunTrust Bank committed $1 million to help Operation HOPE to stand up its flagship Atlanta area HOPE Inside location now at Ebenezer Church, and specifically the Martin Luther King Sr Community Resource.

The new book is THE MEMO: Five Rules of Your Economic Liberation. Get your copy here today.

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