JHB and HOPE team members

Yesterday at an organization wide Operation HOPE team member meeting, globally (held in person and by video conference wherever we have team members around the world), I am proud and pleased to report that a majority of HOPE Team Members and HOPE Leaders voted that all employees of Operation HOPE should themselves become Operation HOPE Members!

As of the end of 2015, 100% of all members of the Operation HOPE Global Board of Directors become full Members of Operation HOPE, and now in addition to other Boards within Operation HOPE — the actual employee team members of Operation HOPE say they wish to do the same!

JHB and HOPE Team Members

One Operation HOPE team member actually said ‘she wanted to become a HOPE Member ‘so that she gets the same kind of information that HOPE Members received,’  meaning she wanted to be regarded as an Operation HOPE stakeholder, and not just a respected and trusted HOPE employee team member.

JHB and HOPE Team Members IMG_0590

Operation HOPE and the Silver Rights Movement is indeed growing and on the move.  But we will only be as good as our people — made up of our employees, board members, partners, clients and community members.  Their heath, is our health, and their support is key to our stability, growth, and our future ability to ‘do good in the world.’

JHB and HOPE Team Members

A special thank you here to each and every Operation HOPE Team Member.  You made your boss very proud yesterday.

Follow the Operation HOPE led ‘Silver Rights Movement’ here, and with the John Hope Bryant ‘Straight Talk’ Silver Rights Series.  Keep up with Operation HOPE here.

Let’s go….

John Hope Bryant

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