The first Straight Talk ‘Silver Rights’ Series video has gone viral. Of the 50+ videos that I have done since March 2nd, 2016, generating more than 6.5M views overall in a bit more than 90 days, more than 1M viewers watched this one particular video which I did in a car on the way to the airport in April, 2016.

The back story here is that I had finished the Roland Martin Radio Show, where listeners were ‘unpleased’ when I said that ‘slavery was mostly about money, not race or racism.’  They blew up my Twitter feed with their complaints and anger — but I summarized that they ‘couldn’t be mad with me,’ as they didn’t even know me — and I was merely sharing an opinion.

There was something else there — that was keeping them from achieving their God given potential. It also really bothered me, that people were glossing over real solutions being provided on that show, and rather focusing on their ’emotional reactions and pain.’  This video, unpacks all of this, suggests that we are ‘still’ living in slavery, and what WE need to do — to recover from it.  What we must do to live, our lives.  Operation HOPE and the growing Silver Rights Movement is my answer.

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Let’s go…

John Hope Bryant


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