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Sometimes, all the mind, body and soul needs is a positive distraction. I had just that this afternoon, when I took the Lotus out on some quiet country roads just outside of Atlanta, ending up in a place call Tyrone, Georgia.

No one knew me there, and I didn’t know anyone.  I was of course courteous as I passed through town, but a little distant also. I was not there to find anyone, but myself.  And I did, sitting in the cockpit of my street legal track car.  My therapy today was my Mansory Lotus Evora GTE, which is one of very few in the United States (I have actually yet to see another one in the states as yet).

When you are in a car like this, you are wrapped in both a professional racing seat and an intimate driver’s cockpit. The only audible sound you want to hear is the constant roar of the 3.5 Ltr performance tuned engine, along with the performance cold air intake system, all raging behind your head.

No radio. No music.  Just the undeniable beauty, grace and sound of a mid-engine mounted power package — all roaring and propelling you forward at the flick of the accelerator pedal.  And this car responds, when you touch the gas or brake pedal.

When you drive a car like this, it is actually not about the power or the speed. It is about the precision, the sense of mastery, excellence and the confidence that flows from this car as one centralized message to the driver.  Believe. Go. Explore.

The entire front end of the car is one huge air intake system, pushing the car to the ground at speed and angling around corners.  And she loves corners.  The massive front intake system, the aero design, the flat bottom, and the rear GT fashioned wing helps to literally ‘stick’ this car to the ground when driving it. Helping the car to resemble a slot car or kart, as it makes its way down a very technical track with lots of twists and turns.  The car finds its driving line and just sticks to the ground, aided by the Pirelli P Zero high performance tires.

The custom, one of a kind exhaust roars in the background, crackling and popping when you lift your feet up from the accelerator pedal. A sound that reminds you that she has much more, where the road came from.  She has six gears, but I rarely get much beyond gear four or five.  She loves high RPM ranges, where most cars prefer to operate well below 3,000 RPM at any time.  The funny thing is, the faster she goes, the safer you actually feel in her.  She is low to the ground and firm.  The Recaro seats have you sitting a mere inches from the ground below you, but somehow all of this feels organic.

All of this, and all the emotions tied to it, came rushing forward like a fast moving stream, in slow motion, on those lonely country roads earlier today.  It was a slice of Heaven.  It was solitude.  It was a form of both therapy, and meditation.

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Sometime, a solo drive along a long, lonely country road is all you need to restore your spirit, calm your soul, and prepare you for the week ahead.  It did it for me.

This, is the magic of motorsports. Supercars, disguised as works of art.

Let’s go.

Bryant Group Motorsports

The Build: The Mansory Lotus Evora GTE

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