The Bryant Group Motorsports Build

Mansory Lotus Evora GTE  

Stage 3

Upcoming Modifications
  • Performance catalytic converters
  • Performance exhaust manifold
  • PZero Corsa tires
  • Turbo charger or supercharger
  • Custom Downpipes

Live Flickr Albums

BGM - Mansory Lotus Evora GTE
BGM - Owner's Choice Award Winner at Atlanta's British Car Fayre 2015
BGM - The Lotus Evora N/A 2010
Bryant Group Motorsports

Bryant Group Motorsports

Bryant Group Motorsports is the natural extension of entrepreneur John Hope Bryant’s passion for everything motor-driven; from cars and supercars, to motorcycles, even the engineering and technological magic of modern airplanes and air-flight (where he spends a great deal of time every year).

Official Bryant Group Motorsports Webpage

Credit: A special thank you to Mike McConville, owner of Magnum Collision, who served as overall Project Manager for the build.  Thanks also goes out to Jason Cummins, owner of Buckhead ImportsTony Marzullo, owner of Gas MotorsDak Kinard, owner of CarTunes, Robert Konick, President of British Racing Group in Pennsylvania, Charles Wun of Hong Kong, who provided a lot of the custom carbon fiber work, George, owner of Difflow(provider of the custom diffuser), the team at Motorcars of Atlanta (Lamborghini/Lotus Dealership), and the others who helped to bring this special project to life. 

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