John Hope Bryant outlines his vision for Detroit at the Mackinac Policy Conference

June, 2015



I strongly believe, that "America needs Detroit to win -- again."  

Detroit, is part of the American experience. It is part of America's birth of enterprise, and literally, our middle class. The history of Detroit, is embedded in the DNA of our nation.

This is why Ambassador Andrew Young and I are here in Detroit, MI tonight, for the event honoring the 150th anniversary of President Abraham Lincoln's Freedman's Bank, at the Charles H. Wright Museum on African-American History, and why I have dedicated my life to advancing both the free enterprise system, and what I call the 'silver rights' movement.  Making free enterprise work for all.

Here's more information on the total Freedman's Bank Tour, and specifically our Freedman's Bank Tour Detroit evening tonight.

John Hope Bryant



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