May 5th, 2014, may have been Operation HOPE's 22nd birthday, but we may have never gotten here without one very special person — Mrs. Rachael Doff.

On April 30th, 2014, Rachael Doff celebrated her 21st anniversary with the Operation HOPE family, and as my chief of staff and chief confidential advisor she has proven nothing less than invaluable; to not only HOPE's growth and sustainability, but my own as well.

Rachael is a mother, wife, a seeker, a thinker, an idealist, a person who never gives up , and has an incredible, incredible work ethic.

She believes — in America. She believes in a world better.

She believes that she is a global citizen. That we all are. She believes that we are individually responsible, yes, yet also totally interdependent.

Rachael Doff is someone I can call at 3pm in the afternoon, and if necessary, 3am in the morning. She answers the phone the same way — how can I help. What do you need.

I simply could not have done this without her in my and our collective life, and this is simply a modest tribute to the amazing life and legacy of the one we all refer to as the Doffinator.

A special thank you to her husband Charlie Doff, along with her amazing children Garrett Michael, Kayelea Ann-Marie, Mason Patrick and Aaron Doff.  What a legacy.

Let's go…. 

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