Rachael Doff
Rachael Doff is the third highest ranking officer at Operation HOPE, as the Senior Executive Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer, and my dedicated Chief of Staff in the Office of the Chairman
Operation HOPE, Inc.

Rachael Doff started working at Operation HOPE, Inc. in April of 1993, just one year after the founding of the organization. During her tenure she has a played a key role in the areas of administration, communication, accounting and human resources. Ms. Doff came to Operation HOPE while working her way through a graduate program at Pepperdine University, receiving a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology in 1996.  Since that time she has dedicated her life to the mission of Operation HOPE. Currently, Ms. Doff serves as the Chief Administrative Officer and Chief of Staff for the Office of the Chairman as well as the Corporate Secretary. She manages the corporate administrative team, human resources, the IT department and the office of the chairman staff. Rachael resides in Los Angeles with her husband, Charlie Doff, and their four children.


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