At Operation HOPE, awards and acknowledgements are nice, compliments are appreciated, even constructive criticism has real value in my world, as it can help to make me and us better. That said, nothing — and I mean nothing is more rewarding than a client of Operation HOPE reporting that their life has been transformed as a result of our engagement with them.

Project 5117, which is our commitment to continuing the poverty eradication work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., features prominently our HOPE 700 Credit Score Communities initiative.  As we have previously communicated, our adult division has consistently moved credit scores an average of 120 points (upwards) over an 18 month period of time.  That's nice, but there is nothing like personally experiencing the joy of someone who has gone through just such a process.

Such is the story of our client Eboni (full name protected because of confidentiality), who approached me during an event at our HOPE Inside at Ebenezer to proudly report that working with HOPE, she has raised her credit score more than 70 points since the first of the year (2013).  This moved her credit score from the mid-500 range to the high 600's, and changed her life.  

The changes were so significant in her life that Eboni has now inspired her husband and friends to join the HOPE 700 Credit Score program, and talked to me about now wanting to enroll her son in our HOPE Business In A Box Academies.

This is the power of Project 5117, which we just formally announced on November 14th, 2013, at our HOPE Global Financial Dignity Summit in Atlanta, Georgia.  Changing lives, changing culture, empowering change, rewarding progress, discovering opportunity. Living the American Dream.

To make a commitment to support Project 5117, or to get the benefit of our services yourself, contact a Operation HOPE team member today.

Project 5117 is co-chaired by civil rights icon Ambassador Andrew Young, Dr. Bernice A. King and myself.

John Hope Bryant, founder, Operation HOPE


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