Building on my early friendship with former President Bill Clinton, our strong and founding membership relationship with Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) from its start, and now our announcement of a special CGI Commiment to Action at the HOPE Global Financial Dignity Summit 2013, in Atlanta, Georgia, I am pleased to report real action (already).

Within a week of our Global Summit, my team has reported in that we have more than 230 separate commitments from partners to support Project 5117, which is a one-of-a-kind community empowerment and financial inclusion commitment to CGI America.

Project 5117 is our ground-up-meets-top-down effort to empower America and Americans, with opportunity, and seeks to pick up where Dr. King left off with his Poor People's Campaign.

Learn more about how you, your company, your local government, your community, and your family can make commitment so help advance the next stage poverty eradication work of Dr. King, called Project 5117. Get more information on Project 5117 here, and information on our unique CGI America Commitment here.

Let's go.

John Hope Bryant

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