Last week Operation HOPE, the organization I founded following the civil unrest of 1992 in Los Angeles, California, hosted the 2nd HOPE Global Financial Dignity Summit in Atlanta, Georgia, focused on financial inclusion for all, and 'how the poor can help save capitalism.'

Planned for 1,000 delegates, more than 1,500 delegates showed up over two consecutive days, inclusive of 200 speakers from 28 countries.  More than 200 individual commitments were made by governments, corporations, communities and individuals, all focused on advancing a 'prosperity for all' agenda. But something else magical happened at this Global Summit. Something, that might actually have a knock-on effect for the rest of America. After 21 years of on-the-ground operations, HOPE was reborn on November 14th, 2013.  

Today, Operation HOPE is essentially a software company, specializing in what I call 'the software of human development.'  No longer is the magic and importance of what we do found in a physical plant or address, or 'brick and mortar' as it is often called. Now, our movement is portable, and soon it will be coming to a community, town or city near you. That work is called Project 5117, and you will be hearing much more about this in the weeks and months to come.

Effectively, what Operation HOPE (HOPE) has been doing for 21 years was a beta-test, or 21 years of research and development for what comes next. Changing lives, and perspectives about life, is the next dimension of our work, versus trying to simply change the particular predicament that individuals find themselves in. In short, this new work is potentially a game changer.

Our new work will focus on transforming education, and transforming financial services and banking, which in turn stands a chance at transforming America herself, within our lifetime.

The refined work of HOPE will be limited to our youth division, led by Mary Ehrsam, our adult division, led by Lance Triggs, and our emergency financial disaster division, led by Fred D. Smith. Bill Walbrecher continues to serve as president and chief operating officer, and I will continue to serve as chairman and chief executive officer.

The newly refined focus of HOPE will be centered around Project 5117, and HOPE Coalition America.

Okay, let's go.

John Hope Bryant

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