Interview with John Hope Bryant, Founder, Chairman and CEO Operation HOPE Inc at Global Economic Symposium 2013 in Kiel, Germany. Conducted by FutureChallenges Blogger Jamie Stark. John Hope Bryant has served as an adviser on fiscal education issues to three U.S. presidents and runs his own group of companies, and founded Operation HOPE. HOPE is the leading organization for on-the-ground financial literacy empowerment, and the leading urban delivery platform in urban and under-served America. Here Bryant and Stark discuss how financial literacy can be one of the keys to a strong economy and why combating fear of failure is a recipe for a more entrepreneurial society.

What did President Abraham Lincoln have to do with a movement of financial literacy and freedom for the African-American slave?

What is the new definition of freedom in the 21st century?

What does financial literacy have to do with personal self-esteem?

What does financial literacy have to do with youth entrepreneurship, and the creation of jobs? What is a HOPE Business In A Box Academy, and what does that have to do with creating a generation of leaders, for America, and every other country where this concept has roots? And how do you measure impact, and success?  What is the Gallup-HOPE Index, and why does Gallup believe that youth economic energy could save America?

Why is financial literacy not only bi-partisan in nature, it is non-partisan in reality?

Why financial literacy is the new civil rights issue for this generation, and why it was tied to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s work in the last civil rights movement of the 1960's. From civil rights justice, to silver rights empowerment for all.

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To learn more about what comes next for the Operation HOPE movement, look into the HOPE Global Financial Dignity Summit 2013. A gathering of domestic and global C-Suite leaders for change.

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