As a founding member of Clinton Global Initiative (CGI), begn right after President Bill Clinton left the White House, I am honored to once again be here representing and supporting the organization I founded, Operation HOPE.

President Clinton is a good friend and supporter of our work around financial literacy as a basic civil right for all, and financial inclusion as an empowering force to battle global poverty, here and around the world. I am also proud to say that the Clinton Foundation is one of our founding partners around our financial literacy work in Harlem, New York, going back a decade or more. Furthermore, the Clinton Foundation — and President and Mrs. Clinton personally — actually funded parts of our Hurricane Katrina response work, to the tune of nearly $1 million. Once again, we produced results for them.

Operation HOPE is a major contributor of CGI and CGI America commitments annually, and more importantly, we get the work done — all focused on financial inclusion for all. Or what we call silver rights.

Honored to be here once again, this year, along with Mary Hagery-Ehrsam, president of the HOPE Youth Empowerment Group and CEO of HOPE NYC.

Let’s go.

John Hope Bryant

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