Duncan Niederauer, CEO of the NYSE gives his vision for a new America where everyone gets a shot. 

Duncan speaks bluntly about the state of our nation, income and ownership inequality, financial inclusion, financial literacy and what we can do to transform America, and our world.  

He uses his own experience as the product of an immigrant family to articulate what's possibly, he believes, only in America.  Duncan introduces a new definition of emotional wealth in his inspiring and thought provocing remarks:  "Financial wealth equals emotion wealth."  He says that financial literacy is good, but it is not enough. We need to "step it up to financial dignity, financial well being."

During his remarks he also applauds HOPE Inside and HOPE Business In A Box Academies as 'game changers' for our country, and our world.  All of these components are part of a larger vision for America and our world, called Project 5117.

Duncan Niederauer is CEO of NYSE, a member of the Global Board of Directors for Operation HOPE, and was the featured luncheon keynote speaker for the HOPE Global Financial Dignity Summit 2013.

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