Operation HOPE Founder to participate in the Bankers Forum; event flanks the HOPE Global Financial Dignity Summit 

ATLANTA – October 17, 2013—Operation HOPE (HOPE), the leading global financial dignity nonprofit, announced that Operation HOPE Founder, Chairman and CEO John Hope Bryant will join a distinguished panel for the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta event themed: Opportunities and Challenges in Low- to Moderate-Income Communities: Council of Stakeholders, on November 13 at Georgia State University. The Banker's Forum is an independent pre-summit event.

"We can think global, but we have to act local. Everything is local. Community building is local, and is impossible without a stable and engaged banking environment. Yet bankers and banking may be understandably confused about their role post global economic crisis, and post Dodd-Frank legislation. Well, they have a prominent and critically important role to play, and we have to help them to restore a level of trust and confidence in our communities, and to chart a meaningful and sustainable role forward for their businesses."  Bryant continued, "this forum for me, is about that. Helping them find a way to do well, and do good to, sustainably."

“The mission of Operation HOPE is an important one, and I have long supported the work of my good friend John Hope Bryant,” said FDIC Vice Chairman Thomas M. Hoenig. “It is important that the financial system support all stakeholders, including businesses of all sizes and individuals of all income levels that in turn together support strong communities.”

The discussion, referred to as a “trialogue,” will focus on the challenges and opportunities that exist for low- and moderate-income communities in today’s economy including housing finance, small business lending, and financial services.

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