SunTrust building.
John Hope Bryant




If you are middle class today there is a good chance that you actually 'feel' poor in this economy — meaning 'there is too much month at the end of your money.' Seventy percent of all Americans are struggling to make ends meet, living from paycheck to paycheck. But there is hope.

Thanks to the increasing popularity of mobile banking and other 21st century lifestyle changes, there are 100,000 existing and mostly under-utilized bank branches all across America today. Branches that can be retooled to serve as a powerful (and positive) catalyst for transformational community change. Think about a national platform for banks to 'do good' for others, even while they are doing well for themselves. "Rainbows after storms — you cannot have a rainbow, without a storm first."

American branch banking needs a renewed and relevant future.

Traditional financial literacy needs a renewed and relevant future.

Think of an innovative solution which re-imagines each, and marries both. Imagine returning the word 'community' — back into the storyline of American banking.

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