Dr. Rick Anderson, a Love Leader in Maui, Hawaii

January, 2011

Referred by my cycling buddy, cycling pro and owner of Go Cycling Maui, Donnie Arnoult, I was excited to meet one of the most well respected chiropractic doctors on the Hawaiian Islands, Dr. Rick Anderson of Anderson Chiropractic.  It did not take long for Dr. Anderson to identify my challenge, along with a plan for positively addressing it.  But it was when I asked Dr. Anderson "why he was so passionate about what he does" that all the pieces began to come together.

It appears that Dr. Anderson sustained a serious back injury as a child, and "healing others" has been what has defined his life ever since.  This explains why his wall is filled with photos of the countless children he treats, and why he seems to understand specialized injuries of hard-charging athletes so well.  Dr. Anderson defines Chapter One of my book LOVE LEADERSHIP: The New Way to Lead in a Fear-Based World (Jossey-Bass), or Loss Creates Leaders.

With Dr. Anderson healing my body after long, hard rides in the hills of Maui, and Dr. Nikki McHenry keeping me on a strong and solid plan at home in Atlanta, Georgia, I am in great hands.

Like I always say, "rainbows only follow storms."  You cannot have a rainbow without a storm first.



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