ATLANTA, March 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Operation HOPE Ventures, a wholly owned subsidiary of Operation HOPE, is proud to announce its recent investment of $25,000 in The Black Coffee Company (TBCC). The first-of-its-kind donation comes as a culmination of TBCC’s participation in the One Million Black Businesses (1MBB) initiative, aimed at fostering the growth and scalability of Black-owned ventures nationwide. The move signifies confidence in TBCC’s leadership and mission to drive sustainable growth.


In 2022, TBCC participated in the HOPE Global Forums as part of its 1MBB program and emerged during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the adversity, TBCC has since showcased remarkable resilience and innovation, steadily expanding its operations to meet the rising demand for its products. HOPE Venture’s investment will support TBCC with financial resources to help surpass its growth targets. With this infusion of capital, TBCC is well-positioned to scale its operations and enhance its impact within the community.

Inspired by Atlanta’s rich cultural heritage and rooted in the values of community uplift, TBCC offers more than just exceptional coffee; it provides an experience that celebrates Black culture and unity. Through its signature blends and commitment to sustainability, TBCC has become a beacon of empowerment within the community.

“HOPE Ventures is committed to fostering economic empowerment and financial inclusion, particularly within minority communities. Given their ties to Atlanta, where Operation HOPE is headquartered, their success stands as a reminder that charity begins at home,” said John Hope Bryant, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Operation HOPE and HOPE Ventures. “We are proud to support The Black Coffee Company and its mission to not only provide exceptional products but also serve as a catalyst for positive change within the community.”

The recent round of fundraising for TBCC has garnered significant attention, exemplifying the growing recognition of the importance of supporting Black-owned businesses. This investment underscores HOPE Venture’s dedication to driving sustainable economic growth and fostering entrepreneurship among underrepresented groups.

“HOPE Venture’s investment helped us exceed our fundraising goal, which is instrumental in propelling our vision forward,” said Chris Bolden, a founding member of The Black Coffee Company. “We are deeply grateful for their support and share in HOPE’s commitment to fostering economic empowerment. With this investment, we are expanding our business and reaffirming our dedication to growing ethically, ensuring that our impact extends beyond profits to influence our community positively.”

According to the National Institutes of Health, an estimated 154 million adults, or 75% of the US population, ages 20 and above, reported drinking coffee – with 49% reported drinking coffee daily. Other data suggests that drinking coffee offers health benefits and the love for coffee is deeply ingrained in many cultures around the world. Black Coffee customers state that drinking coffee is not only a morning ritual or a daily pick-me-up but also a social experience that brings people together.

For more information about the 1MBB Initiative, powered by Shopify, please click here.

About Black Coffee Company
The Black Coffee Company was founded in 2018 by Chris Bolden, Jamin Butler, Branden Cole, Gino Jones, and Leonard Lightfoot. The coffee company is a premier coffee shop serving specialty coffee, loose-leaf tea, and freshly baked pastries. The coffee shop also hosts creative events such as game nights, workshops, classes, coffee tastings, and more. For more information on The Black Coffee Company, click here.

About Operation HOPE Ventures
Operation HOPE Ventures is a wholly owned subsidiary of Operation HOPE, dedicated to investing in and supporting innovative ventures that align with Operation HOPE’s mission of empowering individuals and communities through financial education and economic inclusion. For more information: Join the HOPE conversation on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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