December 2nd would have been my mother’s 89th birthday. As many of you know, she recently left this world for a better place. Dealing with her loss has been hard, but thinking about our times together and what she taught me gives me strength.

Today, in her honor, I am pleased to announce the Juanita Murray Smith Foundation, to carry on her legacy of striving, strength, and perseverance. Juanita Murray Smith lived a life of purpose. She was a dedicated and proud mother, a formidable businesswoman, and a pillar of strength and leadership in the community. Juanita believed in giving back and did so with both her time and money. We are proud to set up this foundation so that we can carry on her legacy of love, in her honor. The initial Directors of the Foundation will be myself, my sister Mara “Montie” Lamont Wright, and my brother Dave “Donnie” Harris, with others to follow.

One big thing she showed me was that love can drive you to succeed. Love isn’t just about saying the words but about what you do. And my mother was all about action.

I hope you will consider celebrating her legacy of action by contributing to the Juanita Murray Smith Foundation in her honor. You can find additional information on her life and legacy HERE

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