The most important thing is mindset. You want to keep people who are poor in their mindset out of your circle of change and success. You see, there’s a difference from being broke and being poor. Being broke is an economic state that you can find yourself in, but you can always bounce back. Being “poor”, on the other hand, is a disabling frame of mind that will keep you from achieving what you are destined to achieve.

People think that it takes the masses to effect change. The numbers certainly help, but the power lies with the people who are committed to making change happen. To do that you need the right people with the right frame of mind.

Yes, I’m aware that many of our neighborhoods are filled with crime and violence and people suffer from a lack of hope. But that doesn’t have to be your narrative and it doesn’t have to be your story. You can make a difference in the lives of those around you by becoming part of the 5%.

The 5% are the leaders in your area who have rejected poverty mindset and are committed to an abundant mindset — one that prioritizes hope, uplift, and security. The 5% understand that the dream and the vision can be realized if we commit ourselves to understanding the rules of the “game” we’re playing and seeing it through. You don’t need the whole neighborhood behind you, you just need to make a choice to become a part of the 5%.

So, I ask. Are you part of the 5%? To get started on shifting your mindset towards the kind that the 5% should have, visit Operation HOPE and sign up with a financial wellbeing coach. They are specially trained to help you elevate your mindset and take action toward a healthier, brighter financial future.

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