The composite credit score of a community tells a story; oftentimes it’s a tale of two cities. If you compared two neighborhoods, literally less than ten miles a part from each other, chances are the residents of those locales live starkly different lives.

That’s the case in Buffalo, NY where we recently celebrated the grand opening of HOPE Inside Buffalo. This HOPE Inside location is made possible through a partnership between KeyBank and Operation. My good friend, and the chairman and CEO of KeyBank Chris Gorman, joined me for the special occasion.

Our hope and mission is to close the wealth gap and the economic disparity between the local communities that sit on both sides of the new location. I believe that if we can increase the credit scores of every neighborhood and every block by 100 points, we’ll begin to see a massive shift in the culture and quality of life in those areas.

Click here to read the full report from a local outlet.

I look forward to seeing the Buffalo community prove our model of work through their financial literacy growth and the gradual change of improvement that comes from increased credit scores, decreased debt, and a greater awareness of the financial system.

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