Recently there’s been a lot of buzz around AI and its implications for our lives and society. The reality is that this isn’t just a trending topic that will soon fade to black. AI is already a key part of our lives and is here to stay. The question now becomes, “What do we do with this technology? How do we further integrate it responsibly into our lives to create the most good with the least damage?”

Bradley Tusk, Co-Founder and CEO of Tusk Ventures, and I discussed this very important topic on CNBC’s Last Call. He and I both share the belief that AI is and will be a disruptor in our economy. However, it remains to be seen as to the real extent of the pending disruption and how much of a “real” concern it is for the American public and, to a greater extent, the American government.

Watch the segment below and weigh in in the comments.

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