Selma, Alabama should be a global tourist destination. But it’s not. In fact, it’s nearly falling apart.

I don’t say that to be crass or cruel. I’m saying it to reveal the sad, hard truth that an important city in our nation’s story of the African American struggle for civil and human rights, exists in a condition that betrays its historical gravitas and near-sacredness. I’m saying this to sound the alarm to show that financial literacy reaches far beyond the hopes and dreams of our individual persons or families. Our communities need it, if for no other reason than to have the means or financial know-how to preserve our rich history and pass it on to the next generation.

Alabama Media Group

This past Sunday, I visited Selma to cross the Edmund Pettus Bridge with President Biden and my friend, Rev. Dr. Bernice King to commemorate Bloody Sunday. It was an honor to be present, and I was deeply moved. I was reminded of all of the progress we’ve made in the last fifty years and in the same breath reminded that there is further to go.

There are major investments that can and should be made in cities like Selma, just as well as in the major cities across America. Despite the type and level of investment that should be made, I believe that we can all agree that financial literacy is the best and most impactful first investment that can be made in a community. 

Check out my latest video to hear more on my thoughts:


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