The White House introduced their budget for congressional approve this week and there’s a lot in it to dissect. I recently joined CNBC’s Brian Sullivan on the new show “Last Call” alongside New York Post business reporter Lydia Moynihan and Mick Mulvaney, former OMB director and former White House chief of staff.

The budget calls for nearly $7 trillion dollars in spending. Many see it as continued “war on COVID” era level spending which should cease due to the price tag. I, however, see it as the Biden Administration’s vision for what investments they’d make in America if they had a clear path to passage.

I believe that we haven’t given enough time for the policy’s that will benefit Americans the most to play out. I also believe that we as a nation are choosing to have short-term and selective memory concerning the looming financial crisis we faced as a result of the pandemic.

Check out my lively first conversation on “Last Call” here and let me know your opinions below.

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