John Hope bryant, founder, Operation HOPE and Ed Bastian, CEO, Delta Airlines, at Delta Town Hall.

Sometimes, you experience magic in a bottle. That is the essence of the partnership between Operation HOPE and Delta Airlines. Operation HOPE is honored to have been selected to be the national financial wellness coaching partner for all 80,000+ Delta Airline employees.

This partnership began through a friendship. An enduring friendship between the CEO of Delta Airlines Ed Bastian and myself. That friendship turned into a vision and a dream to help others. That dream transformed into a powerful program designed to assist at least every working class employee within Delta to have the stability and the financial dignity that each of them deserved. The result of this dream was HOPE Inside the Workplace.

In the midst of the pandemic, we together launched a results oriented, innovative program rooted in empowerment and critical support for a company’s most important asset — its human capital. It’s people.

And so, with the help of Joanne Smith, chief people officer within Delta Airlines, we rolled out the HOPE Inside the Workplace model in a more than 10 locations nationwide, so that confidential, one on one financial coaching and counseling was available to each and every employee that needed it.

Testimonials and results for employees and their families began to pour in and we knew we were beginning to make a difference. Delta Airlines became a charter member of the Financial Literacy for All Initiative, and soon become a best in class example of Financial literacy inside the workplace too.

Beginning this month it was announced, eligible employees can earn up to $1,000 from Delta to fuel their emergency savings when they complete a financial education/coaching program and contribute to an emergency savings account. This new program, created in partnership with financial advisory organization Operation HOPE and workplace provider Fidelity Investments, aims to help Delta employees strengthen their financial well-being by addressing a common challenge seen nationwide.

“At Delta, we know that physical, emotional, social and financial health are essential for our people to be at their best,” said Delta CEO Ed Bastian. “This investment in the financial well-being of our employees is a practical solution to a common challenge. With stronger financial literacy and the peace of mind of a safety net, our team can worry less and focus on the goals that matter most to them.”


Research shows that financial stressors affect not only people’s wallets, but also their overall well-being. One-third of U.S. households cannot come up with $400 cash to cover an emergency expense, according to the Federal Reserve. More than half of Americans lack the funds to cover a $1,000 emergency, according to a survey by Bankrate.

To help address this, Delta has engaged Operation HOPE and Fidelity Investments to provide personal financial coaching models and a simple savings solution to Delta’s diverse team of employees. Both organizations are focused on helping individuals improve their financial situation, while supporting them on the pathway to achieving their personal financial goals and aspirations.

And so, it has begun. A new journey into the art and science of financial well-being for employees everywhere.

A journey that is beginning here, at a great American airline — Delta. And as a result of a great friendship. Doing well and doing good at scale, is possible.

Ed Bastian and John Hope Bryant at the Delta Airlines Leadership Event in January, 2023 at Mercedes Benz Stadium.

Each qualifying Delta Airlines employee will receive up to $1,000 in an emergency savings account after completing financial coaching through Operation HOPE. Funds for employees will be held with and through Fidelity Investments.

Let’s go…

John Hope Bryant, founder, Operation HOPE

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