THE CHAVIS CHRONICLES is a thought-provoking half-hour television series that features interviews with newsmakers, celebrities, and significant figures from the fields of politics, medicine, science, activism, education, and entertainment. Legendary civil rights leader and program host, Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis, Jr. takes a deep dive, going beyond the headlines to provider greater understanding of news and trends.

Currently more than 300 Public Television stations across the United States broadcast THE CHAVIS CHRONICLES Season 3. The 26-episode series showcases distinct views from change-makers around the world. The weekly public affairs program delivers intelligent and thought-provoking discussions that affect the general public.

In this season, Kenneth Kelly, Chairman and CEO of First Independence Bankheadquartered in Detroit, Michigan discusses the black banking industry and how Wells Fargo finances undercapitalized black-owned banks. Wells Fargo’s $50 million investment in First Independence Bank exemplifies their commitment to communities of color. Other fascinating discussions addressed First Independence Bank’s entry into Minneapolis following George Floyd’s passing.

Chairman Kelly is a widely respected expert on federal banking regulations. After a 27-year career with the Southern Company, a large utility company based in Atlanta, Georgia, he was admitted into the State of Alabama Engineering Hall of Fame.

John Hope Bryant is also a guest of the show. Bryant is the co-founder of Global Dignity and the creator, Chairman, and CEO of Operation HOPE, Inc. He is also the CEO of Bryant Group Ventures and The Promise Home Company. Chairman Bryant has been recognized by the last five US presidents and called upon as an advisor by the previous three administrations. Bryant has received numerous honors and citations for his achievements, including “Innovator of the Year” from The American Bankers Association in 2016, “The World’s 10 Top CEOs” (honorable mention), and “50 for the Future” from Time Magazine. “How the Poor Can Save Capitalism” and “Love Leadership” are two of his best-selling books.

In this season, John Hope Bryant discusses his Operation HOPE Mission, which aims to end poverty, transform the banking industry to say “yes,” and raise credit ratings so that more black people may access credit.

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