Sadness. 😔

Because of weather, I was not be able to make it back to Atlanta, Ga, in time for my dear friend Tommy Dortch, Jr’s memorial home going at New Birth Church, as led and organized by our friend Reverend Jamal Bryant. Thankful to Rev. Bryant and the church for organizing and managing all of this for the Dortch family, and the memorial service could not have been more dignified.

I am deeply disappointed that I could not bend the universe, the weather, and airline flight schedules into compliance, to get me there from the west coast. The family knew that I did all that I could, to be present.

But the irony is, I was actually with the two groups of leaders in a rain socked Los Angeles that Tommy Dortch liked a great deal, and that I know he would have faith would continue his ‘good work’ and legacy; Attorney Ben Crump, who received a well deserved NAACP Image Award for his work and activism, and the African American Wells Fargo leadership family. Wells Fargo was also the major sponsor for the entire NAACP Awards program in Los Angeles this year.

Both Attorney Crump, and the leadership of Wells, were amongst the giving leaders where I last saw, and had the pleasure of spending quality time with our Tommy, at public events… 🕊️

And so, as much as I deeply mourn the loss of my friend and one of our true giving leaders, and that I knew I could not be there at New Birth in person, to look the family in their heart, and to hug their soul with a little of my and our healing-intended love notes — I got the message from and through Attorney Crump and my Wells Fargo extended family and friends. The work, continues. Now let’s get at it, in Thomas Dortch Jr’s honor. 🦅

Just as soon as the tears stop, I guarantee you — the work to help and to empower OTHERS — unseen and unheard — will continue.

Now the Lion sleeps. But his Pride, awakes now, in his place. Every living day.

And then you can also ask yourself, ‘what can you do…,’ for someone else. That was the question that Tommy Dortch Jr, chairman of 100 Black Men of America — asked himself every morning that he woke up.

Love and respect, and healing extended — to Mrs. Carole Dortch, Tommy Dortch III, and the entire Dortch family.

It’s time to go. It’s time, to get (back) to work. Helping. Others. Just like Tommy would have wanted. Just — like he LIVED, his very full life. Selfless.

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