CNBC’s Frank Holland discusses the importance of financial literacy at the HOPE Global Forums with the Walmart CEO Doug McMillon, faith leader and entrepreneur Bishop T.D. Jakes, financial influencers “Earn Your Leisure” and myself.


My good friend and co-chair for Financial Literacy for All, Doug McMillon, spoke on the value and virtue of the HOPE Global Forums and our collective movement to bring financial literacy to the everyday American to help fuel access to the American Dream. We are committed to embedding financial dignity through financial literacy into American culture.

Bishop T.D. Jakes, who was a featured speaker at this year’s HOPE Global Forum discussed the importance of homeownership across generations. Despite a growing trend among young adults to become digital nomads, Bishop Jakes emphasized how owning a home is still a foundational aspect of of building wealth in America.

Troy Millings and Rashad Bilal, co-CEOs of burgeoning media empire, Earn Your Leisure, are heavy hitters in what many call “the culture”. In order for us to reach the masses with financial literacy it requires voices to translate the message from the “suites” to the “streets.

We are working to help the middle class access the American Dream in its fullness and empowering those at the bottom of the economic pyramid regain and develop their financial dignity.

Join the movement today at and You can view the HOPE Global Forums in its entirety on our YouTube channel.


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