This week I had the pleasure of sitting down for a casual dinner with a new friend, Mr. Steve Phelps, President of NASCAR. This man is the definition of a quiet storm. Doing big things, and calling very little attention to himself in the process.

We welcome Steve Phelps to our Operation HOPE Global Board of Advisors as a new board member.

Steve, Brandon Thompson and the NASCAR family also made a soon to be announced commitment to 1MBB. The 1 Million New Black Business Initiative is committed to creating one million new black businesses by 2030.

This is also a man living his values, and choosing to lead, in a fast changing world. He right sees all Americans, as assets, and contributors. He has embraced the future, and it is all of us.

Proud to know him, and to call him a knew friend. To call NASCAR a new partner.

The best is yet to come.

Let’s go…

John Hope Bryant

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